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Welcome! This website is build to support an European Exchange Project from the Theodorianum Gymnasium Paderborn, Germany and the St. Norbertuscollege  Roosendaal, Netherlands. Our main targets are to remember all the victims and the racial madness of the SS which lead to the genocide during WW II. We will visit Wewelsburg Castle. This castle was meant to become the “SS Vatican” after the war was won. We also visit “Cold War sites, such as the former Iron Curtain between the FRG en the GDR.


Eelco van Hoecke, history teacher and webmaster

First pictures 27th june 2015 online! Push “Pictures” button.



For hotel information click here


Departure 30th may, 9.00@Norbertus


Return 3th June

+/- 18.00@Norbertus








bring your own towels with you,
you need a lunchparcel the first day,
don’t forget your ID!



Links to the sites we will be visiting during the exchange:


Wewelsburg Paderborn click here


Bergen Belsen click Here


Paderborn click here


German Volksbund (in German) click here

 Exchange Project Norbertuscollege Roosendaal